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About Different Mix Wedding Videography
We are a collective of extremely talented cinematographers, editors & gear-heads with a love & passion for the delicate craft of filmmaking. All of us bring a wide range of skill sets from many different backgrounds. This is what we do and love- none of us would choose any other career. This isn't an every day job for us. It's a livelihood. We want you to know us so you can feel confident, comfortable, & welcome in our company. Welcome to our world!

After falling in love with video editing in 2009, Eric has since worked on hundreds of different productions from commercials and TV shows to music videos & feature films. With experience in all aspects of production, he has a strong understanding of the task it takes to produce an incredible film every step of the way. Eric primarily focuses on directing & shooting his productions, as well as supervising all of the edits in post production and running Different Mix Wedding Videography.

Eric & his fiancé, Amber, own and run Different Mix as a soon-to-be husband/wife team. Feel free to ask us any questions you have!
Why Choose Different Mix Wedding Videography?
At Different Mix, we create high quality, professional videos of your special day that last a lifetime. You can rest assured knowing that we have the skills and talent that's needed to make you smile every time you watch your cherished film.
A gown waiting to be filled. Her veil flutters in the breeze. Laughter floating across a warm field of grass. Bubbles cascading down the aisle. A tearful kiss from the father of the bride. A gentle touch of the hand. A boquet forgotten. Hellos and goodbyes. All these memories from your day. To Hold. To Treasure. 
Wedding Packages Range from $2,799
What People Are Saying
Don't take our word for it. See what other happy couples have to say.
"Often a thankless job and yet the crew of Different Mix did it with a smile. The expectations of a videographer are almost impossible. We expect them to capture every moment and yet not be in the way. Impossible for most and yet this group pulled it off with ease. I will not lie I am not the easiest of clients combined with not wanting a video in the first place their was a slim chance they would impress me. After seeing the tears in my wife eyes the first time she watched it I finally got to see what everyone else saw our wedding day, BEAUTY AND LOVE. Your wedding will be faster than a sheep wagging its tail (yes its fast) and you will miss almost every moment passed, "I do". The night we got the video I watched the film and had to fight the tears. It was amazing, so amazing my wife watched it over and over and over and... you get the picture. Different Mix my not look like the real deal at first, but I assure you they are. You could spend thousands on a video and frankly you would be stupid. Different Mix will get the job done without killing the bank. Give their company a chance it will be the second best choice you make all day.

Personal Thank you guys so much. I cant say it enough. As you know we where are in budget lock down, but don't think we forgot about you. We will get ahead in the financial department again and when we do I promise to make it right. Truly a blessing to have your crew that day. You guys have a gift a wonderful gift."

"Different Mix truly went above and beyond for our wedding! They captured every moment that was missed in our wedding pictures and the highlight video they prepared for us was perfect!

They took the time to get to know us and our vision. Looking back we realized how important it is for photographers and videographers to attend the wedding rehearsal. We appreciate them for taking the time to go to our wedding rehearsal because they knew where to take the awesome shots during the ceremony! One example is our candle lighting ceremony where they had much better shots than our photographers!

They arrived early at our ceremony and stayed late to catch the end-of-the-night mischief that escaped the still pictures.

Thank you Amber, Eric, and Ivan! You guys are the best!

Check out their Vimeo page and I'm positive you'll choose them for your wedding videography as well!"

- Jason & Leane
"Very personable and professional. We were so happy with the video they put together and very thankful. It was beautiful and they captured the best moments of the night. We are grateful we will have this amazing video that we will cherish forever."

- Christine
"The Different Mix team is very professional and friendly. They made our wedding day very special to us. They captured every important moment in our wedding and the highlight film is wonderful, my husband and I watched it together so many times. We also received a nice box which fit our wedding theme very well."

- Wei
*Limited Time*
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